Control Room Operator – BSM Offshore – Paraty Rj

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BSM Offshore

Control Room Operator – BSM Offshore – Paraty Rj

Background: A CRO is capable of operating DCS, Fire and Gas and ESD systems from Central Control Room. He will optimise the process and reduce and control plant upsets. He will respond effectively to emergencies. He will ensure that plant inhibits and overrides are controlled as per procedures and Management System guidelines. He will ensure that that personnel under his supervision are fully competent and aware of their responsibilities.
Authority: The CRO is authorised to control and adjust the automated process safely to maximise production efficiency, and to coordinate permits and related isolations for maintenance.


Units Of Competence
1. Prepare process and utility systems for remote operation
2. Remotely operate and monitor process and utility systems
3. Prepare process and utility systems for shutdown
4. Isolate and reinstate process and utility systems for maintenance and repair
5. Contribute to control of critical situations and respond to emergencies
6. Monitor and maintain pollution control measures
7. Manage and Supervise Effectively
8. Carry out Emergency Response role
9. Provide any additional duties as required by the OIM/Unit Spt. and /or HOD to maintain safe and efficient running of the Unit.


Pre-hire Qualifications and Experience:
 5 years minimum in Hydrocarbon processing operations with 2 years as CCRO and appropriate mix of operational, and supervisory experience.
 Offshore Personal Survival, Management of Major Emergencies, Medical certificates.
 Good level of troubleshooting and operations knowledge including interpretation of P&IDs and C&E charts.
 Extensive knowledge of offshore FPSO operations, including Production, Maintenance, Engineering and Safety.
 Good working Knowledge of DCS and F&G systems operation.
 Medically fit to offshore International standards such as ENG1 or equivalent.

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